IndoorJonny Ruddy

we are creative event producers

IndoorJonny Ruddy
we are creative event producers

We created the worlds first "hostel made out of sand" and turned Gold Coast Tourism and Hostelworld's dream concept into a reality!

The Worlds first #sandhostel - featuring everything your dream hostel would include, an outdoor bar, beach volleyball, comfy beds, good vibe DJ's,  and live music"


Immerse Events was contracted by UK agency Itch Experience as the Australian creative production agency to produce the world’s first hostel that was made out of sand.

So, who you gonna call when you need to build a hostel made out of sand?

Well, we speed dialled in the art director from Mad Max and The Grand master of Sand!

It’s lucky that we have an experienced team with over 20 years of event experience and creative contacts across the Globe to call in a favour from the best!

But we know events, and you cannot just turn up with a bucket and a spade for a project like this!

Our expert production team worked with Gold Coast Tourism, Council, Beaches, State Government and Local authorities to apply and receive approvals and get this sand castle concept off the ground and onto the beach!

We went out there and found the location, we brought on world class set designers and set builders and then oversaw the design, structural build and onsite management of the activation space.

Our team produced detailed event management plans, risk assessments, applied for liquor licenses, and assisted in managing partnerships with Burleigh Brewing and Griffith University.

And it doesn't stop there...

We hired cleaners, an overnight manager, lifeguards, security and police, contracted lighting, AV, and staging suppliers, programmed entertainment and sourced food trucks to produce a fully functioning hostel right on the beach!

Ultimately what we created allowed for most incredible content to be produced, go viral and go beyond KPI’s for all agencies involved.

#meettheworld #sandhostel - September 2017